Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Wrap

Mike B and BLS, this is for you :-)
My running year at a glance...  Don W's race history on Athlinks
Didn't want to go all the way through 2014 without a single blog entry lol!

That said, I'll be posting more details of what 2014 was like for me as I progressed into my 60's.

Coming up:

12/21/2014 - Old Mountain 5K Trail Race
1/1/2015 - New Year's Day Run & Plunge - Mystic to Esker Point Beach
2/7/2015 - 2015 Hilton Head Island (SC) Marathon
5/3/2015 - 7 Sisters Trail Race (MA)

More to follow...

Happy Holidays!


Michael Crutchley said...

The blog lives...see you Sunday at OMF! Try not to pull a "Thumbelina!" (for Beth, haha)

Beth said...

Nice!!! Well done! Sounds like I'll see you Sunday!!

Jeff said...

Welcome [back] to the blog-o-sphere. I assume I'll see a OMF write-up soon?